'Must Reads' for Professionals in grooming /cgi-bin/koha/opac-shelves.pl?rss=1&viewshelf=86 RSS feed for public list 'Must Reads' for Professionals in grooming 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership : Follow them and people will follow you by MAXWELL, JOHN C /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=4051 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey, Stephen R /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=3738 How to win Friends and influence people by CARNAGIE,DALE /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=443 Increase Your Financial IQ : Get smarter with your money by KIYOSAKI, ROBERT T /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=5940 Magic of Thinking Big by SCHWARTZ, DAVID JOSEPH /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=4060 Rules of Work: A Definitve code for Personal success by Templar, Richard /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=5099 Who Moved my cheese: An amazing way to dell with change by Johnson, Spenser /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=4151