New Arrivals_ Engineering RSS feed for public list New Arrivals_ Engineering Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Sastry, S S Advanced Surveying:Total Station, GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing by Gopi, Satheesh. Classical Mechanics by Aruldhas, G Engineering Physics by Malik, Hitendra K Engineering Physics by Naidu. S Mani Introduction to Machine Design by Bhandari, V. B. Introduction to Neural Networks using MATLAB 6.0 by Sivanandam, S N Modern Power Electronics by Sen, P C Performance and Design of Alternating Current Machines by Say, M G Power Electronics: Devices, Circuits and Industrial Applications by Moorthi, V R Power Electronics:Devices, Circuits and Applications by Rashid, Muhammad H Principle of Electrical Machine Design:With C++ by Sen, S K Principles of Signal Processing and Linear Systems by Lathi, B P Production and Operations Management by Chary, S N Signals and Systems by Rawat, Tarun Kumar Signals and Systems by Kumar, A Anand Textbook on Engineering and General Geology by Singh, Parbin